👋🏼 I’m a creative living in London. At work, I write and design. I also conceptualise, and direct, marketing videos.

In my own time, I also write. I’m hooked on story-telling, communication, emotional well-being, transforming trauma, impact and personal development. I write to learn, share my findings and become a better storyteller. If anything on this website resonates, email or DM me on Twitter.

30 Second Bio

Hatched in Sudan, marinated in Saudi Arabia then baked in Scotland. One day, I came home and told my dad I wasn’t a fan of school. To my surprise, I didn’t have to go to school again until I moved to Scotland. It was a child’s dream.

Many years later there was a near miss, where I almost pursued medicine but thankfully came to my senses and studied Painting & Printmaking at University instead. Through all those experiences, my love for technology, personal development and, when I discovered it, the internet, has stayed consistent.

Personal Projects

Professional Work Bio

I’m a creative lead at Vensy, a tech-marketing start-up. Creative lead is a broad title; I facilitate relationships between brands and content-makers to create marketing campaigns. I also come up with ideas. My aim is to tell the brand’s story to the creators’ audience. I manage every stage of the creation from ideation, to creative direction and distribution.

When I’m not working with clients, I write copy and content, design marketing assets, build the website, and manage the company’s marketing channels and marketing strategy.

Clients: Roborace, Formula E, Harrods, UEFA, Which?, L’Oreal & Babylon Health.